Company & Product News
  • October 2010
    • TerraMacs is pleased to announce that its products are now available through our new dealer, Bjerex, servicing the Scandanavian countries of Denmark, Norway & Sweden.
    • Full contact details for Bjerex are available on our web site at Distributors

    • March 2010
      • We are pleased to bring to your attention that ProjectMax is conducting a 2 day Trenchless Technology Training Masterclass, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand on the 28th and 29th April. An increasing number of projects lend themselves to “trenchless technologies” but too often trenchless technology projects fail for avoidable reasons. By attending the Masterclass you will learn how to assess the viability of projects and develop a deeper understanding of trenchless technology as an alternative to traditional methods.
      • To be redirected to the ProjectMax web site for full details and course registration, please click here: ProjectMax Web Site Link

      • February 2010
        • TerraMacs is pleased to announce that its products are now available in Mexico through our new dealer, Jetpatcher Mexico S.A DE C.V.
        • Full contact details for Jetpatcher Mexico S.A DE C.V. are available on our web site at Distributors

        • January 2010
          • TerraMacs is pleased to announce that its products are now available through our new dealer, Forintec International, servicing Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and France.
          • Full contact details for Forintec International are available on our web site at Distributors

          • June 2009
            • TerraMacs announced today, the 29th of June to world press that it is well progressed with the development of the first of what will become a full range of Hybrid Directional Drills. Further details may be found on this web site at our new Hybrid 1516 Page. or our Blog Site
            • TerraMacs has recently launched a Blog Site to offer another medium to keep our customers, visitors and industry a means to keep up to date with our products and general industry news.
            • Visit the BLOG Site from this link at any time, or use the link on our web side menu. Please feel free to make comments in the Blog and provide general news and information which other Trenchless users may find useful.

            • May 2009
              • TerraMacs is pleased to confirm it will be exhibiting at the National Fieldays at Mystery Creek, Hamilton, New Zealand (Site RL22 in Rural Living) from 10th to 13th June 2009 and also at the ICUEE Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, USA (Stand 1725 in the North Hall) from 6th to 8th October 2009.
              • We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ferd Ferguson International Ltd. as our distributor in Nigeria. Their details are now listed in our Distributors section

              April 2009
              • TerraMacs launched the new Mini Mac Wheelbarrow Trolley system at the Toronto No Dig 2009 Show. The new trolley system which was much admired by all at the show, enables the drill rig to be easily pushed onto site and staked down for surface launching and again emphasises the versatility of the TerraMacs equipment range.

              March 2009
              • TerraMacs is pleased to announce the appointment of another key distributor in its world wide representation, reflecting the strong and rapidly growing interest in both the Trenchless Technology industry and the range of products we offer to support it, making entry to the industry affordable and highly cost effective. While Mick Clitherow is based in Auckland, New Zealand, he is in regular contact with the dealers in each of the countries he manages, makings regular trips there.
              • We are pleased to announce that our web site is undergoing a major overhaul and upgrade, so please make sure you check back with us here at or if you prefer we also now have the domain at from which you will be redirected. Our new web site should be up and running by 1st May 2009 at the latest. We welcome your critique of the new site and please contact us us with any comments on how we can provide further help to users.

              January 2009
              • TerraMacs will be exhibiting at the No Dig International Show from March 29th to April 1st 2009 in Toronto, Canada along with its North American Distributor Soilvac Inc. This is the premier trade show for the Trenchless Industry this year and your opportunity to see and compare TerraMacs with other manufacturers. Many industry experts will be on hand and accessible to you for questions, so don’t miss this opportunity to learn about all things trenchless.

              November 2008
              • We are pleased to announce the appointment of Soilvac Inc as our North American distributor. Based in Toronto, Canada Soilvac also operate their own drilling contract business using TerraMacs equipment in and around the Toronto area and can speak from experience about our product and its versatility. Some examples of their work are shown in our web site.

              July 2006
              • Following on from our success with and your feedback on the smaller models of the Micro Mac Thrusters, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Micro Mac III Thruster which provides enhanced levels of thrust of 133,447N (30,000 lbs). See full details on the Micro Mac III here and remember that while these are our standard products, larger custom built machines are available as required for pipe cracking and other jobs.

              June 2005
              • The standard Mini Mac Pit has proven to be a hugely popular machine with its versatility in either pit drilling or surface launch modes, along with its pure simplicity of use. We have however received many requests for custom built more powerful machines and as a result, we are pleased to announce that we are adding three more models to the range. These new model Mini Macs I, II and III offer a range of choices in performance and now truly make the Mini Mac range a mainstream product for the professional contractor offering all the benefits of a physically small machine but with large machine power.

              December 2004
              • We are pleased to announce the appointment of JB Sales International as a TerraMacs dealer in Australia. JB Sales, who are headquartered in Brisbane, also have offices in Melbourne.

              January 2004
              • We are pleased to announce the appointment of our representative in South America. Bernie McAuliffe is based in Colombia and will be happy to advise all customers on their trenchless needs throughout the South American continent from Mexico down.

              November 2002
              • Much awaited, the TerraMacs Micro Mac Thruster range was today launched by the company who see these small and highly portable machines targeting the smaller operators who cant justify the investment in a directional drill set up but who need something more controllable and targeted than Moles. TerraMacs has launched two models in the Micro Mac range at this stage and both machines come complete with a full turnkey package of power pack, rods and tooling, all of which can easily be accommodated and operated from a small van or Ute.

              October 2002
              • We are pleased to announce the appointment of Drillers World as a TerraMacs dealer in Australia.

              September 2002
              • TerraMacs is pleased to announce the launch of another three products in its range of Trenchless equipment:
              • A medium format directional drill the Mighty Mac which is now the largest TerraMacs standard machine and provides 133,447 N (30,000lbs) of Thrust/Pullback and 6,100Nm (4,500lbsf) of Torque.
              • Also released today, is the new range of Micro Tunnellers which are available in either 400KN or 1041KN size and which uniquely offer the option to operate them in a range of formats, either as Directional Drills, Auger Borers, Pipe Crackers or Rod Pushers and of course conventional Twin skin Rods and Laser Guided Micro Tunnelling machines. The further advantage that these machines now offer, is that a 2 pass operation can be accurately achieved, eliminating a stage in conventional Micro Tunnelling with the resulting cost savings.

              April 2002
              • “TerraMacs today announced to the press, the release of its next size up machine, the Midi Mac, which follows on from the successful launch earlier in the year of the Mini Mac. Available in either Trailer or Self Contained Crawler format, the machine promises to be another success for the company.”

              March 2002
              • As promised, TerraMacs is pleased to confirm the release of the Mini Mac Surface Launch Frame coupled with a hand held hydraulic Auger Stakedown system. The system is light and portable and can readily be bolted to the Mini Mac when it is required for use in surface launch mode and the frame can even be left fixed to the Mini Mac in pit use if space permits.
              • TerraMacs also confirms the availability of the Pit & Transport Trolley accessories enabling the machine to be moved on site in confined spaces with ease and also to be dropped into the pit with ease.

              January 2002
              • The much anticipated release of the first of the new TerraMacs product range was announced to the world press. The Mini Mac Pit Drill heralds a new era in the HDD industry, with the introduction of a modular design approach, which as in the recently launched Modu-Lok Tooling System will flow through all the new products presently in the design stage, according to Paul Hebberd the company Managing Director. To further enhance the machines versatility and ease of use, TerraMacs announced it will shortly release a Surface Launch Frame and Pit & Transport Trolley set up for the machine.

              November 2001
              • The unique and highly innovative Modu-Lok Tooling system was released to the market, offering a means for operators to build their tooling range around a module system which provides internal swivel mounting and quick release, all in one package. The system enables cutter modules to be mounted/dismounted from a body which is universal to the system and suits all types of cutters, reamers and expanders, enabling a more cost effective means of tooling. Tools can also be ‘daisy chained’ and a staged pullback managed in a highly effective system.